Quality Linen Service specializes in serving the diverse needs of the healthcare industry, including hospitals, nursing homes, surgery centers and clinics.

In every endeavor, we ensure textiles are remarkably cleaned and perfectly finished.

At Quality Linen Service, our healthcare clients rely on us to carefully sort and clean items according to linen type, level of soil, color and size. Thanks to our facility's highly efficient and advanced industrial laundry equipment, we can properly clean virtually any fabric type using the correct mix of cleaning chemicals, mechanical action and water temperature. Moreover, our EcoTunnel washing system is programmable to inject disinfecting chemicals–critical for healthcare items.

JACHO Standards

We comply with all JACHO Standards for the cleaning of healthcare items.

Quality Equipment & Quality Control

Our staff provides unmatched quality control. Every item is inspected for stains and damage before it leaves our laundry. To ensure no items are lost, we separate and track each of our customer's items from pick-up to delivery. Our equipment is preprogrammed by customer, so customer linens are color coded and displayed on our central computer system. At any time, the Quality Linen Service staff can track items in the cleaning process.

Rental Linens & Customer-owned Goods

Quality Linen Service provides rental linens, as well as service for healthcare clients with customer-owned goods.

Finishing & Folding

At Quality Linen Service, items that require ironing – such as sheets and pillowcases – are transferred directly from the washer to the ironer. When linens are tumble dried, they experience more wear and tear–decreasing the life of the linen. Thus, we run linens from the washer through the ironer, where moisture is removed during the ironing process. From there, items are automatically folded according to customer needs.

Rely on Quality Linen Service to properly clean sheets, blankets, pillowcases, bed pads, towels, robes, gowns, scrubs, lab coats and more!