Our new industrial laundry is equipped with two state-of-the art Girbau Industrial tunnel washers. A TBS 50/7 mod and a TBS/50/12 mod hygiene. Both tunnels include water reclamation, water filtration and drain-water heat recovery systems for a maximum efficiency. There are complimented with loading conveyors, press, and dual-cake delivery shuttle along with 10 ST-100 Dryers.

Finishing Equipment Includes:

Girbau Industrial PC 120 Flatwork Ironer • Girbau Industrial DRF 3 Feeder • Girbau Industrial FL King Folder with Dual Stackers • Chicago Powerhouse Flatwork Ironer • Chicago Powerhouse King Edge Feeder • Chicago Powerhouse Skyline Folder with Dual Stackers • Foltex Small Piece Folder • FN 321 Single Roll Iron with FL Lite Folder • FN321 Dual Roll Flatwork Iron with FL Lite Folder • (3) Continental Girbau EH 255 Tilt Soft Mount Washers • Continental Girbau EH090 Washer • Continental Girbau EHO55 Washer • (3) Continental Girbau 115-125 dryers